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Augogo.com is an australian independant music label and music store, stopping to operate after 20 yrars of existence, due to the music crisis.

Birth and history of Au Go Go

From its dedicated article on the Wikipedia:

"Au Go Go Records is the name of a Melbourne, Australia based independent record label. It was founded by Bruce Milne and Philip Morland from a house in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy in 1979 and is now operated by Greta Moon.

The label started releasing bands on the Melbourne punk and New Wave scene. Its first release was in 1979 with the EP Overnight by Two Way Garden. The labels first 25 releases were the bands' debut recordings, and included some seminal Australian acts such as The Young Charlatans, Mungabeans, Marching Girls, Clint Small, Scarpa Flow, Little Murders, the Zorros and Dorian Gray. Philip Morland left and Greta Moon joined in 1982" [more...].

Crisis of music business

In an interesting article entitled Au Go Go is go going, Moon details her acute and visionary opinion of the music business crisis, reinforced by the behavior of the record companies:

"Instead of encouraging demand by exploiting the instant communication they now have with their customers, they have chosen to restrict supply, stick with the old ways, and try to use legal muscle. In doing this they reinforce the stereotype of the repressive, greedy multinational, and further alienate their would-be customers."

"The joy of music is the great marketing ace in the hole, and they seem to have forgot that. The major music companies have set out to repress and inhibit a market that should be exploding, given the increased listening opportunities that technology has delivered. On the contrary, they have lost sight of giving the gift of music." [more]

Enjoy your visit!

Today, Au go go stopped operating, but we offer you this unique touristic experience:

  1. read what the Yahoo Travel Guide says about Au Go Go: "Established in 1977 as a mail-order business, Au Go Go specialises in promoting those harder-to-get sounds. Its record label also releases fine local talent and secures such international bands as The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. Most new independent releases can be purchased or ordered on vinyl. Also available are Brit presses, local fanzines and an impressive range of T-shirts. Upstairs is dedicated to second-hand vinyl and collectables. Records can be bought for as little as 10 cents, but expect to pay much more for the autographed Nick Cave goods, Nirvana's first single and that genuine Beatles curtain."
  2. then, visit the Au Go Go website to help you imagine and feel this particular ambiance.